Bangladeshi Actor

August 19, 2020

Singer Tahsan Rahman Khan’s Biography, Career and Lifestyle

Tahsan Rahman Khan is a famous singer, songwriter, composer, guitar player, keyboard player, music director, actor, model, and a good presenter. Apart from his media career, he is a successful university teacher in Bangladesh. In the meantime, he has proved his power in the media world of Bangladesh. He has learned Rabindra songs for six years from Chayanat. Tahsan had been...

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August 12, 2020

King Khan Superstar Shakib Khan’s Biography and Film Career

Shakib Khan is a Bangladeshi popular film actor and producer. Although his real name was Masud Rana, he appeared in the film industry as Shakib Khan. Dance director Aziz Reza brings Shakib to the media world. His acting career started with the Ononto Valobasa film, which was directed by Sohanur Rahaman. Shakib Khan established himself as one of the most successful...

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July 31, 2020

Mosharraf Karim: Famous Bangladeshi Comedy and TV Actor

Mosharraf Karim is a Bangladeshi actor who emerged as an exceptional and powerful actor on the television screen in the first decade of the 21st century. His first drama was Othithi. He has also acted in Bengali films. His first acted film was Joyatra. He performed in Rupkothar Golpo (2016), DaruChini Dwip (2007), Third Person Singular Number (2009), Projapoti (2011), and...

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July 15, 2020

Popular Actor Ferdous Ahmed’s Biography, Lifestyle and Activities

Ferdous Ahmed is a popular Bangladeshi film actor who emerged in the last decade of the twentieth century. His first film was “Buker Vitore Aagun.” It was directed by Chotku Ahmed. Also, he is regular in Kolkata films. He has acted in a Bollywood film called “Mitti.” In 1998, he gained huge popularity by performing in the “Hotath Bristyte” film, which...

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