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The Los Angeles district, Hollywood, is not the center of the American West Coast megalopolis, but it is one of the planetary centers.

Hollywood has been a part of Los Angeles since 1903 when the first recording happened. Construction of the first film studio began in August 1909.

The true history of Hollywood begins with the first authentic American genre, Western. On the one hand, there was a place for a visionary like David Wark Griffith, regarded by many as Aristotle of film language, but also of the decadent Cecil B. DeMille, who offered the vision that film was larger than life.

It is widely accepted that the classic Hollywood film, as a combination of narrative and stylistic features, formed around 1917 and remained relatively unchanged until the 1960s. What happened after that? There are conflicting opinions among film theorists and historians on the subject.

It should be said that between 1915 and in 1960, at least about 15,000 films were made in Hollywood. In the film industry, on the other hand, it was a widespread belief that Hollywood reached the end of its mature existence in the late 1950s. Most production studios have shifted her focus to television production, many are reduced their study capacity, the stars became free agents, most manufacturers became independent.

In 1960, a degree of technical excellence achieved – high-resolution color film, wide-screen formats introduced and very faithful magnetic sound records set the standards which are still valid today. Also, other styles started challenging Hollywood. First, there is an international art film, directed by Ingmar Bergman, Akira Kurosawa, some Italian directors, and the French New Wave.

Today, Hollywood is emerging as a new residential neighborhood funded by entrepreneur H. J. Vhitlei (“father of Hollywood”). Hollywood has become a kind of elite neighborhood, as are other parts of Los Angeles on the edge of the hilly area. Hollywood gained worldwide fame when it became the center of the American film industry.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame

These 2,500 stars are memorials to the entertainment industry and feature the names of actors, musicians, directors, producers, music and theater groups, fictional characters, and more. Of all the stars on the celebrity track, 47% belong to the movie category, 24% to television, 17% to music, 10% to radio and less than 2% to theater actors. About 20 stars added each year.

Top 20 Most Popular and Business Success Movies Of Hollywood


20. Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame

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